Images: The Circus Goes to the Carnival

These are more images that did not make it into the lobby display.

Director Sara Holdren took a few of the actors to the Dogwood Festival carnival in late April, and this is what ensued This is but a handful; the entire album can be found here:

All photos by Scott Keith.















































Images: Inspiration

Here are some of the images that did not make it into the lobby display.

This batch is taken from director Sara Holdren’s photostream on Picasa, and it was a collection of images used for reference and imagining what HE could become. This is but a mere handful; you can find the entire album here:

































































Images: Context For the Social and Political Climate

Here are a few images intended to contextualize the words explaining what was going on in Andreyev’s world as he wrote.


Bolsheviks storming the Winter Palace to oust tsar Nicholas II, October 1917.

Storming the Winter Palace, 1917










Newspaper announcements in Russian and English of the Bolshevik proclamation issued after the successful coup, October 1917.

Russian Bolshevik Proclamation, 1917











English Bolshevik Proclamation, 1917








1919 propaganda poster, “Beat the Whites With the Red Wedge”, by El Lissitzky: a well-known example of revolutionary Constructivist art being produced in the wake of the October Revolution.

El Lissitzky, Beat the Whites With the Red Wedge, 1919